Why we use New Zealand wool

It’s our use of high-quality New Zealand wool that makes our wool felt slippers stand out (well, besides our combo of Danish design and Nepalese artisanship).
It’s a pretty awesome material.

Wool is naturally insulating, moisture absorbing, light and durable. Due to its natural lanolin, our wool slippers absorb odour and repel dirt, making them easy to maintain.

It’s comfortable on the skin and keeps your feet warm while also regulating your body temperature. That’s right, no more sweaty feet!

It sounds strange, we know. But wear our slippers in the summertime and you’ll know what we mean.

What is felted wool?

If you thought wool was great, wait until we tell you about felted wool.

Felt is made by matting, condensing, and pressing fibres together with water and natural soap – creating a resilient, light and durable textile. Felt is often manufactured using synthetic materials but felted wool is truly next level.

At Betterfelt, all our products are made with 100% pure, natural and uncarbonized wool sourced from New Zealand and felted by hand in our workshop.

How do I clean wool felt slippers?

This is the cool thing, your wool felt slippers should never need washing! Simply air them out daily and use a vacuum to clean up any pebbles or debris. It’s that simple.

But if you do happen to accidentally spill something on them, don’t worry, we have a few simple cleaning tips to follow.