The Betterfelt Artisans

Each pair of Betterfelt wool felt slippers is as unique as the person who made them.

A gallery of our artisans displaying their unique stitch signature

All our wool felt slippers and home products are made by artisans in our company-owned workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Led by co-owner, Sabina Matangi, our team of artisans make each pair of felted wool slippers with care. From the initial felting process to sewing their final signature stitch, they take pride in every step of the slipper’s creation.

It’s a pride you’ll feel with every step you take. 

It is not uncommon for women in Nepal to face employment barriers for a multitude of social and economic reasons – an experience shared by many of our artisans before joining Betterfelt. As a company that puts people first, we’re proud to be providing them with fair wages, a safe work environment, and meaningful work.

“Women are the backbone of Betterfelt,” says Betterfelt co-owner Liz Wirth. “Sabina is an inspiring leader and the talented women on our team are the reason we create such a high-quality, comfortable product. There wouldn’t be Betterfelt without them.”