Fair Trade at Betterfelt

What does being Fair Trade certified mean?

Being Fair Trade certified means that we operate within an internationally-recognized set of principles and we are audited by a third party to make sure we are adhering to them. These principles reflect our values and have a direct impact on the way we empower our artisans, source our materials, and return value to our customers. We’re part of a global community that puts people and the planet first.

Betterfelt is Fair Trade certified under Fair Trade Danmark, a national network recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). As such, all companies certified under Fair Trade Danmark must prove they adhere to WFTO’s Ten Principles of Fair Trade:
  • To create opportunities for financially weak producers
  • Transparency and responsibility
  • Responsible trade practices
  • Fair prices
  • Avoid child and forced labour
  • Anti-discrimination, equality and freedom of association
  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • Augmentation of capacity
  • To further fair trade
  • Sustainable environmental administration

Operating a Fair Trade certified business

To ensure that Betterfelt meets or exceeds Fair Trade principles, we own and operate our workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sabina Matangi, co-owner and operations manager provides oversight to workshop operations and makes sure that fair pay, benefits, and a safe working environment are provided to our artisans.

Unlike many businesses in Nepal, putting employee interests first is our top priority. Our artisans earn a salary equivalent to public teacher in Kathmandu and also get 10% on top of their salary to put into a savings account. Supporting healthy, educated families is also important to us – we help our artisans by paying for their children’s education with a grant equivalent to the cost of public school.

Sustainable and ethically sourced wool

Our commitment to putting people and the planet first extends to how we source our materials too. We have chosen to source our wool from farms in New Zealand where the animals are treated well.

So, when you put on a pair of our wool felt slippers, your feet won’t only feel good, your heart will too.

Outside of Betterfelt, co-owner Liz Wirth actively advocates for Fair Trade practices as a board member of Fair Trade Danmark.