A Betterfelt Guide on How to Clean Felted Wool Slippers

A Betterfelt Guide on How to Clean Felted Wool Slippers

We’ve all been there with a pair of slippers.

One too many flights of stairs while cleaning the house, putting them on with damp feet right out of the shower too many times, or wearing them out on the deck a little too long on a hot day can all lead to stinky slippers if they are made out of a material that does not absorb moisture and breathe.  As well, it can happen that you spill something on your slippers.

These situations often lead to a Google search to find out “how to clean slippers.”

Most of us have had a pair of slippers that quickly ran their course due to odour and dirt. Removing dirt from certain materials can be challenging and most slippers are not washing machine safe.  Those who dare test their luck often find themselves in the store to buy a new pair.

It’s an annoying, wasteful and costly cycle to both your wallet and the environment.

The good news is that there are slipper options out there that better resist odour and dirt and that are easy to clean.

And not to brag, but Betterfelt slippers are one of those options.

Betterfelt slippers are made from high-quality felted wool, which naturally repels dirt and odour and regulates temperature and absorbs and releases moisture. In other words, your feet stay comfortable and dry!

Not only do our slippers keep your feet cozy, warm and dry, but they are also Fair Trade certified. Every pair of Betterfelt slippers are hand-crafted with care by our skilled artisans in our company-owned workshop in Nepal. All Betterfelt products are also Danish design, embodying its core principles of simplicity and functionality.

Pretty awesome, right

Why Don’t My Feet Sweat in Felted Wool Slippers

Wool can absorb and release a lot of moisture relative to its weight (aka it breathes), preventing your feet from getting sweaty and smelly and also avoiding the gross foot-shaped sweat stains that usually show up on well-loved slippers.

Felted wool slippers rarely need to be cleaned, but when they do, it’s incredibly easy!

How to Clean Slippers When They Are Made of Felted Wool

Felted wool slippers should be aired out daily. For most people, this happens naturally while you sleep, (unless you wear them to bed, we don’t judge!). Putting them outside on your deck or by an open window is a great idea on occasion, but not necessary.

The slippers can also be vacuumed on occasion to remove any pebbles, dirt, or other debris. If the slipper’s sole is rubber, it can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

There should be no need to ever wash the slippers. But as we all know, spills can happen so some spot cleaning in this case could be required.

If something is spilled on them,try to absorb it immediately before the liquid sinks in. Use a sponge and gently clean the area with a little cool water and if necessary, a little bit of soap that’s safe for wool (a mild shampoo works if you’re in a pinch). Make sure you don’t use too much soap or water as you do not want to get them completely soaked and it may be hard to get the soap out.

After washing the spot, press on them with a towel to remove any excess water in the felt and then put them on to shape them if needed. Finally, lay them to dry away from the heat on a dry towel.

Things to AVOID:

  • Putting your slippers in the washing machine. It could destroy your slippers and our methods outlined above can avoid that all together.
  • Using warm water (over 30 degrees) or placing them near a heat source while they are wet to dry. This could lead to shrinkage and unlike other materials, felted wool does not have much stretch.

Some other cleaning FAQs:

    Will the colour of my slippers fade if I spot treat them?

      The colour will not be affected by water and mild soap.

        Is it okay for the leather soles to get wet when cleaning my slippers?

          The leather soles should not get wet as that will dry out the leather and lead to cracking over time, not unlike any other leather product. If you tend to drop water on the floor in the kitchen and bathroom, we recommend getting a pair of slippers with rubber soles.

            Are there any brands of soap that are best for cleaning my slippers?

              Any mild soap or hair shampoo is fine for using to clean your slippers as long as you don’t use too much or get them too wet! Avoid any detergents such as Tide as they often contain bleaches, enzymes and other harsher ingredients.

              Felted wool slippers like Betterfelt’s not only offer superior warmth and comfort but are easy to take care of too. This means they will last a long time, which is good for both your wallet and the planet.

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