What is hygge? A Betterfelt Guide

What is hygge? A Betterfelt Guide

Close your eyes and picture this:

A cozy board game night with your family or close friends.

A morning bike ride on your favourite local nature trail.

Sitting on the dock of your cottage in the warm sunshine, enjoying a cold beverage.

Being curled up in a fuzzy blanket by a fireplace after a day of skiing with friends.

Joining your family for your first get-together after being apart for two years.

Though these scenarios are all different, they have something in common. They make you feel comfort, pleasure, and warmth. The Danish have a word that encapsulates all of this: Hygge.

“Hygge” is the noun and “hyggelig” is the adjective to describe the activities and things that create or lead to hygge. These are words that we at Betterfelt proudly use to describe our products. How do you pronounce it? Why do we use it?

Read on, we’ve got you covered.

What is hygge?

Hygge is a Danish concept that means a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being. In its essence, hygge is just a special feeling or moment. What constitutes “hygge” can vary from person to person, and that’s what makes it so great!

Where does hygge come from?

The word “hygge” itself didn’t originate from the Danish language. It’s derived from a 16th century Norwegian term “hugga”, which meant to comfort or console. According to Visit Denmark, hygge first appeared in Danish writing near the end of the 18th century and the country has embraced it ever since!

There is no specific English word that “hygge” translates to. That’s why most people sum it up as a “feeling” (as we did above).

Hygge is considered a defining characteristic of the Danish culture, and it’s also a defining characteristic of Betterfelt’s Danish-designed felted wool slippers!

How do you pronounce “hygge?”

Great question.

Hygge is pronounced:


If you have trouble pronouncing it at first, don’t worry. So did our non-Danish marketing team.

Why does one experience hygge in Betterfelt slippers?

  1. Betterfelt’s felted wool slippers are lightweight and durable and will feel like a warm, cozy hug around your feet.
  2. They will also keep your feet dry. The lanolin in our wool naturally repels dirt and odour and absorbs moisture.
  3. Our slippers are also very easy to clean. All you need to do is air them out (remove the insole first if you are using them).
  4. Betterfelt slippers will not only warm your feet, but they’ll also warm your heart. Betterfelt is a Fair Trade certified company and we own our workshop together with our partner, Sabina Matangi, in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  5. Our artisans (almost all women) earn a salary equivalent to a male skilled worker or public teacher in Kathmandu, plus 10% on top of that placed in a savings account.
  6. We’re also conscious of how and where we source our materials. We’ve chosen to source our wool from New Zealand where the animals and the environment are treated fairly and sustainably in the production of the wool. They were the first country to outlaw a terrible practice called mulesing.
  7. For us, being Fair Trade certified is more than just a label, it’s our way of doing business. When you wear our slippers, you’ll know that they’re not only good for you, but for the people who made them, too.

It doesn’t get more hygge than that.

How do YOU experience hygge?

Not only will you experience hygge by simply wearing Betterfelt slippers, they can be worn for many activities that lead to hygge!

If you’re looking for ways to add a little hygge to your life, here are some ideas (Betterfelt slippers recommended, but not required!)

  • A backyard bonfire on a cool summer night with friends
  • Enjoying the newspaper on your front porch in the sunshine
  • Having a morning coffee in your fluffy bathrobe on the sofa
  • Family board game night on a rainy evening
  • Virtual happy hour with your out-of-town friends
  • Doing some yoga or stretches first thing in the morning
  • Catching a drive-in movie with your partner on a summer evening
  • Treating yourself to a nice hot bath with candles and bubbles
  • Biking to the corner store to pick up your favourite sweet treat

But remember, “hygge” is different for everyone. So, how do you experience hygge?

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