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6 Hygge Dorm Room Essentials

Moving away from home to college or university is a big transition. That’s why it’s important to make your new home - your dorm room - feel as cozy as possible.

In Denmark, we describe the feeling of coziness and contentment as “hygge.” We believe adding a little hygge can elevate almost any place or situation, and your dorm room is no exception!

Adding some hygge to your dorm room will help make it a place where both you and your new friends will want to hang out in — and study too, of course! Here are some essentials that will help make your dorm room your own as you set out on this exciting new chapter in your life.

6 hygge dorm essentials that will make you feel at home

Blue Robe Hanging On A Hook

A fuzzy robe/house coat

Imagine waking up on a chilly fall morning, knowing you need to walk all the way down the hall to get to your floor’s communal bathroom. Now imagine having a fuzzy house coat to wrap around you when you make that trek. Much more hygge.

Right now, you might be thinking that you’re not a house coat person but trust us: when you’re pulling an all-nighter to get that essay done, or stepping out of the shower, or curling up for a quiet evening in your room, you’ll be glad to have that warm robe.

Betterfelt Trivet With Tea Pot

Coffee maker/tea kettle

Who hasn’t found comfort – and maybe a boost of energy – in a hot drink like a coffee or a tea? Hot beverages add a little hygge to any moment. But you don’t have to spend all your money on your daily caffeine habit at the campus coffee shop. Get a coffee maker or tea kettle for your room and you can make your own hygge.

To achieve maximum hygge, pair your coffee maker with some Fair Trade certified coffee and one of our trivets! (Safety note: Check your residence rules to make sure it’s okay to have a small appliance in your room.)

Betterfelt Daisy Boot In Grey With Leather Sole

Wool felt slippers with a rubber or leather sole

A pair of wool felt slippers with a rubber sole is the ultimate dorm room essential.

Wool felt slippers keep your feet warm, comfortable, and dry, no matter the season - and they’re perfect to wear around residence, meal hall, and even to class! The leather and rubber soles are both comfy, but the rubber sole is best for wearing out or to the shower since the rubber sole will not get damaged if it gets wet.

Betterfelt’s Fair Trade certified wool felt slippers are available in lots of styles and colours. Check out the classic slipper, the classic shoe, classic boot and high boot to find the right pair for you. Hygge guaranteed.

Pictures Of Friends

Pictures and mementos of friends and family

College and university is an exciting time when you will make friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life. However, it’s completely normal to miss everyone back home.

So, go old school by printing and framing some of your favourite photos to put around your dorm room. Whenever you feel lonely, you can look over at your photos to feel their love and relive those memories until your next visit home.

Students In A Dorm Room Playing Guitar On A Cozy Rug

A cozy statement rug

Dorm rooms are notorious for not having the most stylish décor. A throw rug can be a fun and easy way to amp up the style factor – and add some hygge to your space.

You can find a rug in almost any colours size or pattern. Some can even be thrown in the washing machine, making them very easy to clean – whether you do your laundry on campus or take it home on the weekends. A cozy rug beside your bed will also help keep your feet warm in the mornings (before you put on your wool felt slippers, of course).

Betterfelt Basket In Black Against A Coral Background

Stylish storage

Dorm rooms are notorious for not having a lot of storage space. With many dorm rooms also being small, you want to make sure any additional storage you bring is functional, but looks good, too.

Our wool felt storage baskets are perfect for dorm rooms. Available in several colours, they can be used as a paper basket by your desk, to store extra blankets, books, or any other items you need to find a home for.

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