Why Your Cat Deserves a Cat Cave

Why Your Cat Deserves a Cat Cave

Any cat owner knows that cats love crawling into small spaces.

Leave a cardboard box, a suitcase or any hollow space unattended and within an hour you’ll find that it’s occupied.

There’s a logical explanation for this that goes back to their primal instincts. Cats love small spaces because it makes them feel safe and secure, as they won’t be exposed to predators. In the wild, those predators would be wolves, but at home . . . it’s the vacuum cleaner. Small, enclosed spaces give them a calm and quiet space to retreat.

Another thing cats love? Felted wool. As anyone who owns a pair of felted wool slippers can attest, cats can often be found sticking their heads inside them (no doubt trying to squeeze in) and rubbing their little faces all over them.

The common theory as to why cats love felted wool is they are attracted to lanolin, which is the natural oil found in the fibre of the sheep’s wool. Some say the reason for this is because it reminds them of their mothers (aww!) and others say it’s because wool felt is an animal by-product (less cute, but it makes sense).

Either way, they love it.

There are many products on the market that aim to help cat owners satisfy their furry child’s need for small spaces. The main one is cat trees. Though these do provide good hiding places and give cats the ability to scratch and climb, they’re large and not the most aesthetically pleasing – they’re often adorned with carpeting in questionable colours. Your cat won’t mind the look, but it’s not the statement piece most people would like to have in their living rooms.

The good news is there is another option that’s more discreet and your cat will enjoy it just as much: a felted wool cat cave.

Why get your cat a cat cave?

A felted wool cat cave is just like it sounds: A cave-like enclosure made of felted wool that your cat can easily climb into. They’re unintrusive and can be placed in any room in the house. They are especially great for apartments or in rooms where space is limited. A cat cave provides a cozy space for your cat to play or sleep in, while also feeling safe and able to keep watch of everything happening around the home!

And there’s something that makes the Betterfelt Cat Cave particularly special.

Like all our products, the Betterfelt Cat Cave is Fair Trade certified, hand-felted with 100 per cent natural wool by our skilled artisans at our company-owned workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. A single cat cave provides a half-day’s work for one artisan, so you’ll know your cat cave was made with the utmost care and is helping to provide good jobs to people, mainly women, in Nepal. The Betterfelt Cat Cave is a product that both you and your cat can feel good about.

Will my cat fit in the cat cave?

Great question. The cat cave is 21 ¾ “wide (55 cm) and 9” (25 cm) high. The opening is 7 ½" (19 cm).

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