Why Wool?

Why Wool?

Wool is a fantastic material. Natures creation and given us in abundance.

Wool is insulating, moist absorbing and hard wearing.

It is easy to maintain, and when you put it in hot soap water you can even shrink it into three-dimensional shapes.

To utilize the wools properties fully, all you have to do is to wear it directly on your skin. In example wear your woolen shoes without socks.

(Remember that the original purpose of the wool was “clothes” for the sheep.) So the wool is able to keep the skin dry and comfortably warm - year round. The wool can also get rid of the heat and the moist, and it can protect the skin against the rain.

On top of all this, the nature has been so brilliant that it has greased each fiber of the wool into lanolin, as it grows out of the follicle. The lanolin protects the fiber against water, dirt and odors. When it rains the wool is washed clean with the aid of the waterproof lanolin coating. An effect that we have utilized for centuries, when we have wrap our babies in woolen diapers.

In a time where we are all concerned about the environment, and searching for solutions that well stress it less, we think it makes sense to manufacture our footwear from wool.
- It is a renewable organic material, which after use, will go back into natures natural circuit.
- It is super comfortable to wear, it is light and it is hard wearing.
- Combined with a sole of natural rubber, it can be worn year round, both indoor and outdoor, without the use of plastic or other harmful chemicals.

That is why we believe you should choose wool.

About Felt

Felt is not a specific material but a term like fabric or knitwear.

Felt is often manufactured on machines and can be made of many different materials or fibres. It can be wool fibres but often it is cheaper materials like polyester that is used.

All our products are felted by hand from 100% pure natural wool. This makes the felt stronger and more durable since the fibres are not as rectified as in example needle punch felt from a machine

Water Drops


  • 100% pure natural and uncarbonized wool
  • Contains lanolinnatural waterproofing
  • Insulating and moist absorbing
  • Sustainable and environmental friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Light and durable
  • Hypoallergenicno allergies
  • Wear it directly on your skin
  • Handmade in Nepal

A Fantastic Material

Wool is a fantastic material that no synthetic material has been able to replace. It is light and durable. It is flexible and easy to maintain thanks to the natural protection from lanolin that surrounds every fiber.

Wool can absorp 10 times the amount of moist compared to polyester. We all know the feeling of a cold and wet synthetic stocking. A woolen sock will keep you dry and warm. Not alone does the wool insolate better, but it will even develop thermodynamic heat as it absorps the moist.

Use of wool is not a new concept. Just ask any polar scientist or a soldier in the Russian Army who are still wearing woolen boots (Valenki) in the cold winter.

Wool is Self Cleansing

Wool is the only textile fibre which has been worn directly next to the skin for more than two and a half million years.

Made from skin, to work with skin.

The wool fibre is covered in alkaline salts and fat, lanolin, before it leaves the sheep's skin follicle. This form a perfect coating that protects the fibre against sun, rain and wind.

No pollution can penetrate the fibre, but will all dirt will sit on the outside of the fibre.

The alkaline salts combined with the lanolin forms the most pure and natural soap, when the sheep gets wet.

So on a rainy day the sheep is simply washed and the wool is cleaned. In this way the animal can wear the same

It also explain how you can clean the wool with nothing else but water, when you shed it of the animal. Since our wool is not cleaned using chemicals, it still contains lanolin (as well as small vegetable residues).

This also minimize static electricity. Static attracts lint, dirt and dust.

Wool is even resistant to mildew and mold by nature. The way wool repels moisture and lets moisture pass through its fibers without holding the moisture prevents mildew and molds to grow.

Light and Durable

Wool is so light compared to in example leather, and it is one of the most durable fibers known.

It can resist tearing and it can bend back on themselves more than 20,000 times without breaking.

Cotton breaks after 3,200 bends, silk after 1,800 bends and rayon fibres breaks after only 75 bends.


It is also the most resilient fibre because it has a natural crimp, that helps it keep in shape. Wool fibers can be stretched and still bounce back to their original shape.

That's why our felted woolen shoes are so light and durable.

Just Shed It

... Don't kill it!

Wool is bestowed upon us by nature itself and the material is never surpassed by any man-made material. Wool is a sustainable material that can be used without beating the animal to death, and that cut back into the natural cycle after use.


Can Be Shaped

If you card the wool and add hot water you can even shape the wool in three dimensional shapes.

If you add soap water you enhance the process, just like when you incidentally wash your sweater and it shrinks to woollen felt.

Shrink the wool around a shoe last. Add a sole and you have created a light and durable shoe that is so comfortable, that you will come back for a new pair, when you finally have worn them out.

Insulating and Moist Absorbing

It keeps your feet warm and dry.

It is not just the fact that our shoes are felted that makes them so great. But since they are felted from 100% pure natural wool, they are extremely comfortable and habit forming.

It is the characteristics of the wool that keeps our feet warm and dry. It is the softness and the wools ability to absorb moist that makes our felt so nice to wear on the skin.

Wool can absorb around one third of its own weight of moist. If you compare to polyester it absorbs only 3%.

Water Content Chart

The wool is even releasing so called thermodynamic heat whilst absorping the moist.

In this way your skin is kept dry, warm and free of odour in wool, whilst it becomes wet, cold and smelly in synthetics.


Wool is a pure natural, renewable and sustainable material, that can be shorn from the animals annually, and no killing is necessary to use it. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which contributes to global pollution.

Easy to Maintain

Since it is a natural product, some shedding from the woolen felt may occur the first few days. Just plug off the coarse fibers that are working their way out of the felt and dispose them. The shedding will soon stop.

(If you want to utilize the fibers coming off, you can rub them together and make a small navel warmer.)

Should your shoes get dirty you can clean them by brushing, or you can wash them. Because of the wools ability to shrink, your felted shoes must be washed carefully. Just wash them by hand in water below 300C. Use a special detergent for wool or a normal shampoo.

Washing Instructions

You can spin dry them and place them on a flat towel for drying. We recommend that you put on your shoes just to get them back in shape before drying.

Wool is Hypoallergenic

Although some people do have rare natural allergy to lanolin, most peoples allergy to wool is a reaction to the many harsh and toxic chemicals that go into the treatment, and finishing of conventional wool garments and bedding.