Danish Design, Nepali Handicraft

Betterfelt.com is a Danish-owned company founded by Thomas Glerup in 2007.

Today the company has been joined by further three people: Sabina Matangi the Nepali partner and Peter Jessen and Michael Bxcker-Larsen, Danish co-owners. All our products are Danish designed and produced by hand in our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We started producing woolen shoes because it simply is a fantastic product. Many customers say it is "highly addictive".

The "secret" is that we use pure natural wool still contains lanolin.

Wool can absorb far more moisture than other fabrics. As much as one-third of its own weight. In comparison, a nylon shirt absorbs only 3%. Lanolin protects each fiber from dirt and smell.

Thomas Glerup has worked with wool felt for nearly two decades and was co-founder of the company A/S glerups.dk, which is still run by the family.

The simple designs and the steady development of the comfortable woolen shoes, has led to other hand felted woolen products, and today Betterfelt.com is presenting a comprehensive product range.

Common for all designs is the Danish tradition of simplicity and practicality.

The greatest gift of travel is that one sees his own country from the outside...

It is perhaps only then, we see how fortunate we are to grow up in a country like Denmark. We notice all the things that we take for granted. Shelter, hot food every day, clothes to wear, and a job are basic needs that can not be expected in a country like Nepal where Thomas Glerup in 2006 established his workshop.

Today this establishment employs more than 40 local women.

The idea was to produce our own designs of hand felted wool products in a quality and quantity that could be exported to western markets, and thus create a sustainable commercial enterprise for the benefit of both employees and owners.

Now, ten years later, Thomas and his Nepalese co-workers proved that you together can create a sustainable life, even when you start from nothing.

Thomas Glerup is not a religious man. He's not even something special pious man. In fact, he usually joke that he lives by exploiting poor Nepalese women.

However, he does so with pride, for he believes that we are all should monetize our development aid. He believes that his company, besides being a good business for himself, is the most worthy, most direct and most effective form of development aid available.

Betterfelt.com has now for several years created sustainable employment, and added both capital and knowledge to Nepal. And you can help us create even more work and development in the country.

Every time you buy a pair of shoes, you have paid half a days salary to an employee at the workshop.

Remember! You are doing Fair Trade when buying from Betterfelt.com

Best regards,
Thomas Glerup

Our vision

Betterfelt.com will evolve into a company in constant transition, which is primarily operated through independent and motivated employees efforts.

  1. We will do this by creating an organization where every employee takes responsibility for their own role and effort and thus also for its own profit.
  2. We will work for respect for our surroundings and our profession.
  3. We want to show credibility, creativity and openness.
  4. We will serve our customers from the highest goal of keeping words and based on the customer needs.
  5. We will constantly strive to develop our products and production facilities to the best possible.
  6. We will be attentive to new ideas, cultures and people.
  7. At the same time we will be loyal to our own foundation.

Betterfelt Welfare Nepal

Our fund Betterfelt Welfare Nepal is working to improve living conditions for our employees. In particular, we will focus on education, health and cultural activities for our employees and their children.

Given that Betterfelt.com has already formulated a vision that clearly tells all of its employees which company they work, we recognize that the living conditions and opportunities for unskilled and women workers in Nepal are more limited than they are in the rest of the world.

Therefore, we also recognize the need for extra help to our employees in certain aspects of life, even if such assistance is rarely considered to be the employer's responsibility. Several of our largest customers have donated to the fund, and these donations have been of great benefit to our employees and their families.

Using contributions to the fund, we have paid the education of our employees' children since 2013. This means that all employees have received a cash grant for each child who can pay the equivalent of our school.

But not only the children should be educated. We as employers need trained staff, and especially English-speaking staff, so we can communicate with the whole staff, not just management. Therefore, we offered free English courses for all staff. For those who can not read and write, we offer course training in these skills first.